Hong Kong Airport Master Plan Essay

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Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030 is a 20-year development blueprint for the Hong Kong International Airport. The master plan emphasize the importance of the facilities expansions and capacity enhancement because of the air traffic need in the future. The air traffic demand will rise that exceed the current capacity limit of two runways. Therefore, the expansion and enhancement of Hong Kong International Airport is essential for maintaining Hong Kong future competitiveness and economic development . To cater for the needs of transportation, there are two main options for the airport expansion : First of all, maintain the two-runway system but the airport facilities and infrastructure could be further improved to support the…show more content…
Those engagement activities include briefings, seminars, discussion forums and airport visits. It seems that the Hong Kong International Airport has done quite well in the public engagement and the report shows that most of the opinion stand for the project. In fact, according to the recent newspaper, it state that only 39 % of people thinks that it is necessary to build the third-runway system. This data reflects that the report conducted by the Hong Kong International Airport has a few of bias and it cannot shows the opinion of different stakeholders. Therefore as to tackle this problem, more discussion forums that hold by parties other than the Hong Kong International Airport should be held. So that more opinions from different stakeholders can be collected. At the same time, the concerns that raised up by the public should be solved immediately in order to gain more supports from the public. For instance, the high capital cost, the negative impact on the environment and the surrounding residents. As a result, there is still a long way to go in order to increase the public

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