Hong Kong Language Analysis

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On 1st of July, 1997, the hand over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China and end up of the British rules in Hong Kong over 150 years. One country, two systems, apply the principle to Hong Kong could continue to have its own political system, legal, economic, external relation with foreign countries, etc. However, Hong Kong has the own culture and living style. By the China government try to interrupt Hong Kong affairs and immigration from Mainland to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong society has a racial gap between Mainlanders and Hongkongers. Many civilians in Hong Kong are trying to reject or feeling disgust sort of things about China. They willing to prove their identity are not the same as China/Chinese. One of the social issue
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Appel and Muysken (1987) stated two theoretical approaches to define the used in the study of language attitudes. The first one is the behaviorist approach, according to which attitudes must be studied by observing the responses to certain languages, i.e. their use in actual interactions. The second one is mentalist approach that considers attitudes as an internal, mental state, which may help something exist to certain forms of…show more content…
In the data collection, simplified Chinese character user is higher beyond the traditional Chinese character. China government tried to replace and stand to use a standard Chinese character as major language. Hong Kong people try to defend and believe that minority languages must be protected and preserved somehow.
The third attitude to language is that of preservationists. The definition of preservationists is more likely of conservationists, which mentioned by Williams (1991a). It is being more conservative and seeking to maintain the status quo rather than develop the language. On the other word, preservationists is extremely to survival of their own language, it concerned that any change and damage of chances. For example, a group is traditionalists or anti-modern, they may think local and act local. Some place at out town in Hong Kong, they have their own localism and
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