Hong Kong Mary O Brien Analysis

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1. The only experience that I have had so far that relates to what had happened to Mary Anne Bell was when I had gone to a concert with a few of my friends. At first I was really reluctant because it was my first time going to a concert and I don’t like listening to loud music. But as soon as the music started playing, the bass reverberated through me and the crowd, and everyone was just swept away by the music. Which is some sort of correlation to what had happened to Mary Anne Bell, since she was “fresh out of Cleveland Heights Senior High”, and how “Her pretty blue eyes seemed to glow” (O’ Brien 68), just as I was new to concerts, so was she to the war, and it had completely swept her. I saw Mary Anne as someone who was fascinated with the way, just as anyone can be fascinated with anything, whether it be history, art, or even science. Consequently, she was so interested with…show more content…
The form that “Good Form” is talking about is how O’ Brien writes, whether it be to tell the truth, about his inability to look at the person that was killed, or to attach a face and a purpose, and make him seem braver that way or even change the story in some way. O’ Brien can answer his daughters questions in multiple ways because he is the one that is telling the story, he is the narrator, and we are left to either believe what he says in his book, or put it down and reflect on what is real and what isn’t. O’ Brien even states clearly that “I can look at things I never looked at. I can attach faces to grief and love and pity and God. I can be brave. I can make myself feel again” (121). Revealing that many things in his story should be taken with a grain of salt. As to whether accuracy is relevant or not, I believe it should be based on the piece. If the piece should be for entertainment or art, then who really cares about accuracy? If the piece is successful then it is successful, but if the piece was meant to be accurate, such as a documentary, then I would hope that it is
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