Hong Kong Tourism Problems

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The tourism industry constitutes a major economic sector for Hong Kong. The multicultural society, the modern lifestyle, and the impressive beauty of the countryside attract millions of tourists from around the world every year. However, recently there have been major problems such as dependent on mainland visitors, attraction of Hong Kong tourism, strong emphasis on expanding tourism, unfair treatment of visitors, with the tourist industry in Hong Kong. If action is not taken, an economic crisis may occur as the tourism industry may not support sufficiently for Hong Kong’s economy. This essay will examine the issue of tourism industry problems and suggest some solutions that overcome these crises. It will be suggested that the best solution maybe explore and elaborate new types of tourism.

Being overly dependent on mainland visitors is one of the major problems with the tourist industry in Hong Kong. According to the Tourism Performance (2015) conducted by the Hong Kong Government, 45.8 million mainland visitors came to Hong Kong, suggesting they continue to be the city largest visitor source market. Mainlanders constitute 77 percent of the total arrivals. Although the mainland visitors are the largest visitor market, the number has decreased by 3 percent compares to 2014, which may bring negative effects. If the HKSAR keeps depending on mainland visitors to support the tourism industry, Hong Kong may eventually lose the visitor source market from foreign

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