Honoluilui In Monsanto, Hawaii

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Have you ever been to Hawaii? If so have you ever heard of Honoluilui? Well, if not it was hot war spot with many people held as prisoners during World War II. If you were to ever go to Honoluilui you’d most likely just see a bulldozed over area.
Honouliuli was a 123 acer war internment camp in Monsanto, Hawaii.
If you saw Honouliuli, you would see many small tents and large buildings. There were many trees and tall hills around it, as well as a gate. Also in the scenery there were some bigger buildings before the tents. The camp held 175 buildings, 400 tents and, 14 guard towers. Honouliuli, bulldozed after the war, was left untouched for 60 years.
Hawaii has many great attractions now but, during World War II that may have not been
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In this case their is obviously no tourism due to the camp being bulldozed. Some volunteers are planning to open up the camp to be toured, Even though it won 't be the same it was before. If I were a tourists I would especially want to go to Honoluilui because all of the history behind it. Hopefully one day I will be able to.
Unfortunately there 's no way of seeing the real Honouliuli, but if there were you would definitely want to see it! Personally I would be very interested in seeing it because I 've been going to Hawaii since I was young. Hawaii is a special place to me and it would be really cool to learn more about history there. Soon Honoluilui will be available to visit so I recommend going! Considering Hawaii is such a beautiful state you would be able to visit Hawaii and it 's warm weather and learn interesting facts about it 's history and see amazing views from the war. Hawaii has a very interesting history and it 's really fun to learn about. While in Hawaii, it 's really fun to take hikes and to walk around and explore, visiting Honoluilui would be the perfect thing to do.
Now you know all of the facts I do about Honoluilui. Hopefully it will open so people can visit. Honoluilui is a really fascinating time in history. Also a sad place in history. I hope I can see it

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