Honor Band Anxiety Essay

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Anxiety: A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. That word was very prominent when I got accepted to the NCIBA honor band my 7th grade year. I was one of the most apprehensive times of my life, partly because I was extremely under prepared.
Wednesday, I never liked Wednesdays during school. Less time in study hall, less time in P.E. Why do we even have it. The only positive was that we got a break from after-school practices. My band lesson day was also on Wednesday. That just added to the already worst day of the week. These thoughts and many others bounced around in my head while I put my trombone together for my lesson. I hadn’t practiced for this lesson, it was
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My parents dropped me off at the Middle school and I hopped into the school van with Tara, Avi, Brenna, and Mrs. Richert. We took off down the road on our way to the Humboldt.
“We’re here!” Mrs. Richert stated. I was dreading my audition, but I tried to forget about it for a while. Tried to enjoy the honor band. We carried all the stuff into the gymnasium and chose a spot on the bleachers. I put my trombone together and I started to practice my audition scales and music anxiously. Luckily, I had my big band practice before my audition.
I was in Mr. Fritz’s band so I headed towards the big band practice room with Tara. She wasn’t nervous at all, and really, I wasn’t either. Mr. Fritz had each of us have a spot in the row, but he explained that they would change after the chair placements. We warmed up and played. I thought we sounded really good. I completely forgot about my audition while we played, but after we left I suddenly remembered it. I was nervous all over again.
The audition room for the trombones was just down the hall from the band room. So it was a short walk, but it seemed like forever. I was a nervous wreck. They lined us up in an order that they created and they brought one person in. Then, after their lesson, the first person left and I was beckoned
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