Honor Band Essay

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A huge part of my life has been music since a young age considering my mother also played an instrument and was in her own high school’s marching band. As a child, the piano sitting in the dining room of my home always taunted me with the mystery as to why it was there, but I was consistently curious as to what it would sound like to play. After deliberating intensely, I finally decided to teach myself how to play, and playing the piano soon became an important part of my life. As soon as I was allowed in the band, I joined and began to learn how to play the trombone; however, only knowing how to play one instrument within the marching band never managed to sate me. This need later led me to switch to Euphonium in order to perfect my skill…show more content…
Throughout my years in the band, I have been offered to try out for multiple honors bands, but I never seized the opportunity of these bands. Honor bands are meant to be composed of the best musicians from a certain region within one band. My mulligan would have to be the fact that I never actually took up on any of the offers until this year, and I think is caused by the slogan that I have always held highly in my mind: if I don’t try then I can’t fail. Despite knowing that this phrase was incredibly horrendous, I still continued to tell myself the phrase to prevent rejection of anything I may have tried. This year I’ve finally decided to attempt to do some of the things that I never thought I could do. I know that if I never try then I doubt I will ever get anything I want in life, and I know that I want to fully develop my musical skills as a first step to being the best version of myself as possible. A mulligan sounds as if it is an extremely important as to what one might wish to do again, but my do over is as simple as changing one mantra that I have lived by for multiple years. By changing this one thought within my mind, many opportunities would have been open to me in my earlier years in life, but now I can personally change this one negative thought and nearly have my mulligan take effect
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