Honor Code: Conducting Student Integrity

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In schools, cheating and plagiarism is unacceptable. No matter the situation a student may be in, cheating is not the answer. It is unfair for a student to cheat or plagiarize other’s work. Many schools have put an honor code in place, so students understand the seriousness when cheating is taking place. My school does not have an honor code that every student must follow. Certain teachers will include some form of an honor code in their syllabus, but sometimes never enforce it. Teachers at the high school I attend assume that the students are capable of academic integrity. I have seen and experienced other students cheating and never being caught for it. If they were caught, the teacher would simply mention to the student they been caught,…show more content…
A private boarding school, Lawrence Academy, requires students to revise the school 's honor code at the beginning of each term (Vangelli). This process reminds students of the ethics and responsibilities that must be performed at school. Consistently reminding students of an honor code will ensure that they understand the consequences for breaking academic integrity. At the University of Virginia, it is their tradition to request that students write the honor code on their work and it has made their school a place that respects academic integrity (Kahn). In comparison to Lawrence Academy, the honor code at the University of Virginia is seen frequently, however, students must write the code on all their work. In a survey for students, 65 percent say that an honor system is discussed in class as well as the syllabus (Sledge). Discussing the honor code in class will ensure that the students understand what is expected of them and their work. McCabe mentions, an effective way to remind students constantly of an honor code is to develop community standards on academic integrity (McCabe). Downgrading dishonest academic integrity in school environments will allow students to understand the importance of an honor code. It is embarrassing to be caught cheating by peers knowing that the honor code is enforced. Developing a community that takes an honor code seriously will decrease the amount of cheating. At my high school, certain teachers will remind students of academic integrity, however, there is not a community for it. Even without an honor code at my high school, students should be remind constantly about academic integrity. Students do not understand the value of academic

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