Honor Code Dbq Essay

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Not so long ago, the honor code system was brought up to the U.S. Senate whether if it’s best to have it input schools to lessen cheating behaviors from students. It was not welcomed at first for those that were against the honor codes and as well of the people in the Senate. Even though after all the revisions and such, some voted to agree to have the codes set in place that would be good enough to have around in school; albeit honor codes don’t always work around schools, and cheating or some type of academic dishonesty will always happen— it’s inevitable. It seems by having these honor codes set in place, it would oppose the cheating and consequences against students. As the ones who have voted for the honor code wanted that safe, confidential, and knowing that their hard work and knowledge wasn’t used against them. Thus causing suspicion from the professor or anyone else if the cheating did happened (Source B). Even if that’s so, having them set in place would “create tension and that a subsequent report could not easily be kept confidential…” (Source B). Students…show more content…
On the other hand, students will want to cheat if everyone is doing it. Honor codes that are reinforced by peers will still cheat because the tolerance isn’t as high if the administrators of the schools reinforced them. Most honor codes have many different levels of consequences; it all depends how much it’s going to weigh on the cheaters if it’s possible for them to do so. Within many schools, there are “some sort academic dishonesty culture, thus causing more to encourage others to cheat”, (Source C). It’s so easy for them to cheat and get away with it because everyone is doing it that there’s really no need for a honor code to be put in place at

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