Honor Code Pros And Cons

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The honor code is a system that many schools use to establish trust with teachers and students by having students report each other for cheating, plagiarizing, stealing, and getting consequences for violating those codes. I personally like the honor code but I believe it can be a little revised for the best. The part I think is too excessive is the students control each other. It may work in some schools but it could easily be corrupted. If you think about it many students are broke, a student could easily pay the other student to allow them to cheat or copy. I know people would argue that’s why the honor code is there for, I have an example that many skip on such as the terms of use. Majority of people don’t even read that and will…show more content…
All it has to do is be improved a little more. There’s many ways to go about this and I be live the best solution to solve this is just getting feedback from students on how they like the honor code and wheat would they like to see changed. In Source E 48% of students believe that the honor code is enforced fairly. We have to increase that percentage up 100%. Other pros of the honor code is it actually works in some cases. It gives students a feeling that they are trusted and cant let their professor down. The students as well have the peer pressure of their fellow students into doing the right thing. So if the majority of students respect the honor code, the rest will follow. In Source F it backs up my view with this statement “Unlike the majority of colleges where proctoring of tests and exams is the responsibility of the faculty and/or administration, many schools with academic honor codes allow students to take their exams without proctors present, relying on peer monitoring to control cheating. Yet research indicates that the significantly lower levels of cheating reported at honor code schools do not reflect a greater fear of being reported or caught. Rather, a more important factor seems to be the peer culture that developed on honor code campuses-- a culture that makes most forms of serious cheating socially unacceptable the majority of students. Many students would simply be embarrassed to have other students find out they were
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