Honor Codes In High School

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“Many high school, colleges, and universities have honor codes or honor systems: sets of rules or principles that are intended to cultivate integrity “. My school, Rockville HIgh School, should maintain honor code or honor system to prevent plagiarism. This allows a “ healthy academic environment”, where you can feel safe and relieved knowing that no one will copy your answers and use it to get credit.Many students in our school don’t even know honor codes exist and is placed in this school to avoid academic dishonesty. Even if this school strictly establish honor code, high school students still find a way to cheat. One good thing about maintaining honor codes, is that the students know that there is a consequences if they cheat or a form…show more content…
They know if they cheat in someway, and if they get caught, they know they will be in trouble and faced with a consequences. It all depends on how students take their education seriously. In source F, New Honor Codes for a New Generation by Donald McCabe and Gary Pavela, an excerpt from an opinion piece. This excerpt agrees with the importance of having honor codes in education. “ A number of colleges have found effective ways to reduce cheating and plagiarism “ It is only successful if they know how to use it properly. This is done by implanting honor codes strictly, having an appropriate consequences if broke the rules. This makes the student’s lives a lot easier, it´s one thing less to worry about. They can actually learn the knowledge and not take advantage of other…show more content…
Students were also “expected to report” if they saw or knew someone who had “cheated, lied, or stolen” if they fail to do so, they will get in trouble for withholding information. Students felt that it was not their obligation because, “ they did not see it as their responsibility”. They were afraid to do this because it could cause friction with the specific person who cheated or anybody else. No one wants to be “that” person. She also mentioned that “it provides students a clear explanation of the importance of behaving with integrity and that expectation that our resulting action will increase trust and respect in the LA community” Vangelli believes that implanting honor codes, in school shall gain respect and the importance of academic dishonestly. It will “ensure moral action”, allows the students to know it’s wrong. It will gain respect in Rockville HIgh School because they won’t be worried about someone getting advantages of you. Someone “voted in favor” because she could feel “ comfortable taking an exam without worrying about someone looking at my paper where I could feel trusted visiting a dorm as a day student” Vangelli did this only because she wanted

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