Honor Codes In Schools Essay

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Many Schools and institutes of higher learning have implemented an honor code or honor system, with the purpose being to lower the rate of dishonest behavior, mainly cheating, stealing, and plagiarizing. These honor codes do not always prove effective, there are still those who cheat and the proof that honor codes change anything is minimal. These flaws show that schools need to revise their honor code or honor system. Many times Honor codes are disagreeable to the student body. The students of Lawrence Academy, when presented with an honor code mandating that they must write out the code on every assignment as well as report anyone they find cheating or face punishment themselves, were afraid that “a mandate to confront peers would create friction” and that “a subsequent report could not easily be kept confidential” (B). The honor code should not spark the fears of honest…show more content…
According to Professor Donald L McCabe, an honor code or honor system relies on a “culture of academic integrity” (C). Honest students will remain honest, regardless of whether or not there is an honor code. Contrarily, dishonest students do not automatically become honest upon the institution of an honor code. The honor only serves to reinforce academic integrity; it cannot reinforce what isn’t there. Some claim that a strict honor code will stop all forms of dishonest behavior, however a massive cheating scandal at the university of Virginia, an institute of higher learning known for its strict honor code, shows that dishonest students will continue to cheat regardless of any honor code or honor system in place(D). A study done at a university reports that 40% of students violated their honor code and had not been caught(E). This further proves that honor codes and honor systems need revision as they do not create a student body focused on academic

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