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There is a misconception that higher standards and stricter honor codes would lead to less plagiarism. The opposite seems to be true. From the first documented honor code in 1736, faculty and students have been required to take the honor pledge and still have to this day. But solely stating the honor code has not proven to improve the integrity of students. These codes are expected to be lived by but have done nothing but become a burden to students and faculty. High schools, colleges, and universities should not have honor codes or honor systems because, some colleges cannot enforce them, students will not tell on one another, and the responsibility of others honor is burdened on students.

Contradictory to what many may believe many schools lack the authority and control that is essential in maintaining honor codes. This makes it less likely anyone will abide by such codes. As aforementioned, schools don 't have the ability to enforce honor codes in such a way they would change a student 's behavior. Honor codes implementation makes it highly unlikely that there would be any affect on students whatsoever. Jennifer Dirmeyer and Alexander …show more content…

Honor codes rely on its student body to work, but it 's the student body honor codes are used for. Schools shouldn 't have a set of rules for students that, they want the students themselves to enforce. The schools struggle to enforce such codes and they pass on the burden. They want the students to take on a responsibility they don 't want. Most don 't want to risk telling on another and become a social outcast. Others simply don 't care and don 't want to be involved. Honor codes end up being ineffective as there is not one that can enforce these codes. When they are implemented time and resources are wasted and the integrity of the students don 't change. Honor codes don 't change or have any effect on the way students behave or think. All in all honor codes should not be implemented in high school colleges and

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