Honor Codes: The Importance Of Cheating In Schools

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Walking into class you instantly spot the big blue words “POP QUIZ TODAY!” In this situation, students often have to make a decisions such as “Do I cheat or am I ready?” or “What if my best friend does not know the answer to a question? Do I give her the answer?” Cheating is an issue that many schools have but how do they deal with this issue? Some schools have thought about implementing an honor code, they believe that if there is an honor code then students will cheat less because they have signed their name promising they will not cheat. However, this is not always the case. In my opinion honor codes can be beneficial, when put in the right environment, I believe that my school should implement an honor code in order to better prepare students for the more rigorous and merciless world and to build a better school environment full of honesty and trust. Man people would argue that an honor code is redundant and superfluous and as depicted by Sally Sledge and Pam Pringle 48% of students believe the honor code has been executed in a fair way and only 8% would report a classmate for violating the honor code. If students are bound to cheat and the honor code is not being enforced or is not fair, why have it? The environment in many schools impacts how students view the honor code. A school with a cheater mentality and an overall acceptance of cheating and plagiarism will have no use for an honor code, since they will not follow it. However change the environment of the type

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