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I was born exactly ninety-one years to the day that Dr. Alice Stewart was. Although this may seem to be a relatively insignificant coincidence, I assure you it 's not. My role model, Dr. Stewart discovered how x-rays were linked to leukemia and other cancers in people exposed, leading to many current methods of treatments. Now if I told you my life ambition was to research to find better treatment methods and even a cure for cancer, a coincidence would seem more like fate. Often at family get-togethers, my mother recalls my numerous makeshift experiments she survived through my childhood. From putting tin foil in a microwave, to catching frogs and observing speech patterns, to more elaborate experiments such as finding out how protein breaks…show more content…
To bring it back to present day, I am currently an undergraduate student working towards my bachelors in Biology and minor in Chemistry. I am pursuing my future goal of obtaining my MD/PhD so I can practice Neurosurgery, whilst conducting research on neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. If admitted into GMU’s Honor college, it would give me the push and challenge to truly excel in my undergraduate years. The Honor College would prepare me for the testing and admittance process dealing with medical school. I would also be surrounded by like minded individual that would help motivate me to pursue my dreams. As mentioned before, I have a passion for conducting experiments to expand my knowledge; I believe through the Honors College I would be able to find other interested students, and obtain the grants and funds necessary to conduct research projects. Currently I am working on a cognitive neuroscience and educational analysis research project with other undergraduate students and few graduate students. We are measuring fluid intelligence with matrix reasoning and using the data to predict tested individual’s success in educational and professional environments. If inducted into the Honors college I could design, plan, and execute projects of similar real world
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