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In a short response (maximum 4,000 characters), please describe how participation in The Honors College will help you achieve your personal, professional, and intellectual goals; please also include a description of your potential Honors thesis topic of interest (e.g., creative or research project) that would contribute towards fulfilling these objectives. Fundamentally, my professional goals in life fall in the vein of finding an opportunity to work internationally in advertising and communication with a focus on promoting business and fair trade in places where people have very limited access to tools to help stimulate real or effective business and financial growth. It’s my personal passion to in a manner, “stick-up” for those who have …show more content…

I believe that my personality and skill set lends itself to a career in advertising and communications, but, what I really want to do is help others in getting the opportunities that they need to change their lives and the lives of others. In order to do all of these things, I hope to first work my way through my undergraduate degree and then move directly into a graduate program. The Honors College is essential in my journey through higher education because it will provide for me the supportive space that I need to be able to continue to grow and implement my longterm goals. During my time at Appalachian I am most interested in making connections globally and locally with people who are as passionate about giving back to the world and learning as I myself am. Additionally,I feel that the rigorous program offered by The Honors College will help me to grow into the student that I will need to be in order to excel not only professionally, but also in a graduate

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