Honor In America Essay

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Modern honor in America is something that we give through acknowledgment. This is done through awards and medals. Some of the medal that is given out is the medal of honor and the Nobel peace prize, however some people are honored to an amount that they do not deserve it. Honor can be defined in many different ways. Honor as defined by the merriam webster dictionary is “respect that is given to someone who is admired”. To go more into the definition of honor is doing good for others and doing it because it is the right thing to do not because you want a reward. Honor is something that has to be given to you. It is given when people look up to you and respect you. Honor doesn't have one meaning. It also has been adapted and changed over time. If we look back to hunting-gathering cultures in the early world. You earned honor by killing an animal and bringing it back to you tribe. Being a good hunter was an easy way to gain honor. We can also look at the year 37 AD. Being honorable during this times was being a strong military leader and…show more content…
When we look back at and WWI and WWII it was considered honorable to be fighting in the war, because you were fighting for you country. You were defending your country's name and its honor. By being in the military you automatically earned honor, no matter if you died, if you were injured, or if you survived you were honored “In war it is understood that you give your word of honor to do your duty to stand and fight.” If we look at Japan during WWII. One of the biggest acts of honor in Japan was to be a kamikaze pilot. Being a kamikaze pilot means you are willing kill your self and others in order to defend your country and to bring honor to your family name. This is honored because you have a set date and time of when you are going to die and you are not afraid of it. Because in order for them to finish their job they had to die, not dying would be doing half your
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