Honor In Much Ado About Nothing Analysis

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The significance of honor shows deliberately throughout Shakespeare’s play, especially towards the abrupt wedding ceremony between Hero and Claudio. During the height or the climax of the play is where Claudio denounced Hero for various lies before the wedding began. The absence of honor is demonstrated by Don John as he tried to prevent Claudio and Hero going through with the marriage. In Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing, there are different conclusions of the definition of honor depending on the two sexes. For example having sexual intercourse before being married versus being “a good soldier.” Also Beatrice is a unique woman because she seek to revolutionize the way that she is treated in the play.
At the pinnacle of the story Claudio is striking (public shaming) Hero about various lies about her such as infidelity, violating chastity, and public shame. It is worthy to note that this is important in womanhood due to Hero's depressed behavior in the play. Losing these
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Honor can be described as being a warrior or a soldier fighting for his family in battle. In this case with Claudio and Benedick during the last scene of the play. After Claudio denounces Hero, Benedick attempts to avenge her by challenging Claudio to a duel. Woman can not battle but men can. Benedick performed an odd and revolutionary action that defined the the code of honor for men. After Hero was stripped away of her honor, Claudio and Don Pedro were about to leave the wedding. Instead of Benedick leaving with them (considered the manliest thing to do) he stayed behind with Beatrice and Hero. It is safe to assume that he did this action out of love and protection for the two girls (Beatrice and Hero). This action shows significant honor because he chose to stay behind rather than choosing to go with his fellow war
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