Honor In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Honor has a large role in “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. It became the motivation for the character’s actions. It changed the way others thought of someone. It became something they were proud of and defended. To begin with, honor was the motivation for several actions performed by the characters. In Act 3 Scene 4 for example, Capulet says to Paris, “It may be thought we held him carelessly,” Capulet doesn’t want his reputation tarnished because he was thought of as insensitive and uncaring for marrying off Juliet so soon after the death of his kinsman. He still wants to marry off Juliet to Paris soon, so his solution is to not invite as many people to the wedding. He plans this so he isn’t seen as disrespectful for dishonoring…show more content…
Therefore turn and draw.” Tybalt mentions his honor was insulted by Romeo and that he seeks revenge. His honor was the motivation for him to duel Romeo and protect his pride. Secondly, honor changed the way others thought of one another. It was one’s reputation. For instance, in Act 3 Scene 1, Romeo states, “In my behalf. My reputation stained/ With Tybalt’s slander- Tybalt that an hour” Tybalt’s lies damaged Romeo’s reputation. The people in Verona already thought of him, a Montague, as a nuisance because of the ancient grudge between their families. Now they think of him as worse because of the lies that escaped from Tybalt’s lips into the ears of the citizens. It became worse for Romeo when it was said that he was the one who had killed Tybalt. A second situation in which honor affected someone’s opinion of someone else was in Act 2 Scene 4 when Mercutio said, “Why, that same pale hard-hearted wench, that Rosaline,” He says such derogatory things about her because of Romeo’s complaints of his heart being broken by her, thus tainting her reputation among the
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