Theme Of Honor In The Giver

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It’s hard to imagine being the most special and honored person in a community. Being selected as The Receiver is an honor that only brave people can handle. It is an honor because everyone respects The Receiver, he/she gets to know information ordinary people don’t know, and he/she are considered the bravest in the community. The first reason is, everyone respects The Receiver and it is the most important and special job in the community. This is after Jonas got selected to be The Receiver, “Then he heard a gasp-the sudden intake of breath, drawn in astonishment by each of the seated citizens.” (57) It was an important part in the book because of the way the audience reacted. It’s a very different and rare event that almost never happens…show more content…
This was when Jonas realized how important his new feelings were, “These were deeper and did not need to be told. They were felt.” (125) Jonas is the only person besides The Giver who can feel any feelings. Although this separates him from everyone else, it makes him different and he actually has emotions and he’s not living a dull life like everyone else. He gets to have memories like this, “I have many other memories of families, and holidays and happiness. Of love.” (119) These are a lot of the memories that The Giver has that give Jonas emotion. Without him getting these memories it wouldn’t make him leave in the first place, so it is a good thing that he suffered through the bad, and enjoyed good memories. A quote that proves against this point is, “Then he went limp, His head fell to the side, his eyes half open. Then he was still.” (140) This was the moment that Jonas witnessed the little twin’s death. This was a terrible moment in the book but it can be looked at in a good way. This is something that made Jonas leave the community and he probably wouldn 't have left if he didn’t see scenes like that. When he got the bad memories it seemed like there was no escape because he couldn’t be released. But he and The Giver found a better way and Jonas didn’t have to be killed or be trapped in the

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