Honor Killing In Pakistan

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One of the most horrific kinds of violence faced by Pakistani women is Honor Killings. Honor killing involves the murder of offender perpetuated by assailant’s ‘Loss of Honor’ (License to kill). Provisionally defined as an act of tarnishing family honor, honor killings are a traditional punishment having ‘male perpetuators and often but not always female victims’ (License to kill). Honor Killings are a traditional justice, passed down by Panchayats () and there is usually no way to abrogate them. The offenders are often killed by their own brothers, fathers and husbands, (license to kill) who aren’t supposed to show any kind of empathy for the victim. A society where the ideal of masculinity is underpinned in ‘The authority a man exercise over his woman’ (Hannah Irfan) a man’s honor automatically gets preserved in women’s body and in guarding their honor men tends to take charge of women’s sexuality and suppress freedom of choice. Any action or perceived misdemeanor will therefore be considered against family values, tarnishing its societal image and can lead to honor killing.(Hannah Irfan) The most infamous case of Honor killing in Pakistan is of Samia Sarwar. Having family roots in one of the most elitist family of Pakistan, Samia was married to her cousin, a doctor. The marriage proved to be a nightmare for Samia where she was physically and verbally abused, but for the sake of family honor only she remained into the relationship for almost 10 years (Brooklyn). The

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