Honor Killing Research Paper

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Introduction Honour killing is a widespread phenomenon that almost every country in the world can face. It is named differently by different countries in terms of their different culturalspecialties.Honour killing, passion killing,honour murders and love murders are some of the names that are used in different countries.Although it has different names, the result is similar for every country that is pain. Honour killings typically associated with Muslim countries like Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan; however, the practice has nothing to do with Islam. Incontrast, it is widespread. Honourviolence has been reported in Canada, Great Britain,…show more content…
D-NUMBER OF VICTIMS United Nations estimates that 5,000 honour killings take place in the world annually. However, this number also may not be accurate because many deaths can also covered.For example, families can force their women to commit suicide and these suicides do not register as honour killings. Additionally, witnesses are not willing to speak up because of the threats and shame; so deaths can be registered as accidents. In Turkey, according the General Directorate of Security report (2005) many honour killings is occurred in region of Marmara. In fact, June 2008 report by Human Rights Directorate says that in Istanbul alone, there is one honour killing every week and over 1.000 were killed during the last five years. However, ıf the origins of people who commit this crime are examined, it can be seen that many of them come Istanbul from the eastern part of turkey. Although many reports are published, there is still an impossibility to determine accurate numbers because witnesses and victims or families are afraid of speak about honour crimes, and they do not want to intervene because these issues are considered as a family…show more content…
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