Honor Society Accomplishments

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One of the most important personal experiences related to my talents is when I achieved the National Honor Society in my high school. I have had a lot of important experiences before me achieving the National Honor Society, but this was my most recent achievement in my high school career. Having achieved the National Honor Society made me really happy since my hard work in my high school is being recognized. I have also been invited to join an organization called the National Society of High School Scholars which made me excited having to know that important organizations are interested in me and my talents make me proud of myself and encourage me to do my best in my academic career to make a lot of great memorable achievements. I have also achieved the …show more content…

Therefore, I had a big problem with my English since I did not speak English back then which made my first year very hard with struggles to get good grades. That is what made me into a better student because with bitter experiences I or anyone tends to grow and get better. It took me about one year to speak English well and understands what is going on. Thus After tasting the bitter experience of having a big struggle I started to get straight A’s in all my classes in my sophomore year up until now which made my GPA get better and better after my struggles in my first year at school in the United States. I always feel accomplished whenever I make an achievement making people recognize my hard work and talents feels satisfying which makes me more determined to achieve more in my college career. Rutgers University is one of the top Universities in the world having Rutgers University to accept my application would be a huge honorable accomplishment in my life. I have learned a lot about myself through experiences in my

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