Honor Thy Father Movie

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On this day of the 23rd of August, we have watched a movie named Honor Thy Father. This movie is all about father’s love that will do anything just for his family. The main character is john Lloyd and he has a wife who is a part of INC. Her father has a business which invests money and will return it with additional money every month. Yet one day her father was murdered and all the money were gone. All the people involved with their business, complained that they wanted their money back. From that day, the tragic experience of their family began. One family who invested their money decided to kidnap john lloyd’s daughter and afterwards his wife. The people claimed that they will kill his family if they don’t give their money back after two…show more content…
It can be related to other families in our country. Here in our country children of rich people usually kidnapped because of people need money to reach their daily needs to survive because of poverty it leads to stealing and etc. Despite the hardships, they will sacrifice everything to keep their family safe. I also have learned and realized a lot of things. First, is to analyze what should be done in a particular situation. John Lloyd did illegal things but it was for the lives of his loved ones. Is that still counted as a good act? Before doing things, double think of its consequences. He could’ve talked to his relatives to borrow some money or maybe loan to a bank. Yet he chose the hard but faster way. To be in his shoes, that would be a very hard decision to make because the lives of your loved ones are being talked about. It’s either you choose do to the right things or you do the bad things to make it faster. There are many temptations in this world and I wouldn’t wonder why john Lloyd was forced to do his decisions. Second, is you can’t trust anyone especially when it comes to
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