Honorable Actions In The Outsiders

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Honorable Actions in the Outsiders Virtuous people are always contemplated to be kindhearted and obliging around the population, but bad people are always seen as ill mannered and vindictive individuals and often are not respected by the public. The story shows us individuals who were considered awful, but did significant things during their lifetime, like some of the greasers were good human beings. A person doesn 't have to be upstanding to do honorable actions in his/her existence. In the novel S.E.Hinton shows us through Darry that one person doesn 't have to be good during his lifetime to do good things. After Ponyboy comes back after running, Darry is kind and wants to stay with him instead of going to work. The text says, “I hate to leave you here by yourself , Ponyboy,” Darry said slowly. “Maybe I ought to take…show more content…
In the past, as the story begins, Darry hurts Ponyboy by his words and actions. But when he comes back home, Darry shows his love and care for his brother. Darry always was a strict and rude brother to Ponyboy. But after he realizes the stress Ponyboy has been going through because of him, he decided to make it up to him. He decided to be a kind and loving brother like Soda. Moreover, before the rumble Darry talks to Ponyboy about how he doesn 't want him to be in the rumble. Darry thinks that Ponyboy is a lot weaker than he was before. In the Outsiders, the text says, “I don 't know if you ought to be at the rumble,Pony,” Darry said slowly. “ You have lost weight and you don 't look so great,kid. You are tensed up too much”(133-134). Darry didn 't care about Ponyboy before he ran away. After he comes back, Darry tries to be a caring brother for Ponyboy which is a fine thing to
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