Honorable Character In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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In my opinion the word honorable means to stick by someone and never go against them. To never betray them and be a good loyal friend is also what can be said about them. In Julius Caesar we see some people characters who were very honorable. On the other hand we seen some characters who were not honorable at all. I think that Brutus is the most honorable character in the play and by far I think that Cassius is the least honorable character in the play. First off is why I think that Brutus is an honorable man. I think that he is honorable because Caesar was one of his better friends and helped kill him for the good of Rome. When he was fighting for what he thought was right for Rome he got word that his wife Portia had killed herself by swallowing hot coals. Instead of giving up and mourning over his wife he acts like it doesn’t bother him at all and continues to fight. Towards the end when he realizes he…show more content…
The reason why I think this is because he is a very selfish person. Cassius couldn’t even bare himself to commit suicide, he had to have someone else stab him. Also the main reason why he didn’t like Caesar in the first place was because he didn’t understand why Caesar got to be king over anyone else. Cassius is also very manipulative, he basically uses Brutus’ good for bad and turns him into a bad person a little bit. Though if I had to choose from Brutus and Cassius I would have to say the Brutus is my favorite. I really don’t know how you can not like Brutus, he seems like a all around great guy. He is very kind and a big hearted person and he doesn’t know how to put himself first. I hope that whenever people think of me they see a little bit of Brutus because I don’t know how good I do but I try to put everyone first whenever I can and be as kind as possible. If you don’t want to be like Brutus I think you’re crazy because he’s just an exceptional
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