Honorable Judge Shofield

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For my WebTour I decided to visit www.uscourts.gov.
I was immediately drawn to the “Pathways to the Bench Video Series”. Here, videos catalogue prominent United States judges, and how they began their lives up until the positions they hold as judicial officials today. I began to utilize the page’s content by viewing the video “U.S. District Court Judge Lorna G. Schofield”. This video talks about the adversity Lorna G. Schofield growing up with an extremely strict mother. She states that her mother was a “Philippine War Bride” and eventually comes to the point of raising The Honorable Schofield as a single parent. The Honorable Judge Schofield talks about making decisions that got her to the notable position she holds today. Her bravery took her out of the United States to attend college in Germany and was not done with her mother’s approval. Unfortunately, Schofield’s mother was ill at the time of her departure, and eventually passed away while the future U.S District Court Judge was attending school overseas. It is evident by appearance in the video that Judge Schofield seemingly holds
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This Judge is within the U.S Court of Appeals, and for the state of New York. The Honorable Judge speaks about the importance of effort, and taking time to invest in greatness. Denny Chin was born in Hong Kong, and moved to the United States at the age of two, in 1956. The Honorable Denny Chin, grew up in a city that he referred to “Hell’s Kitchen”, and me makes the mention of his parent’s previous work positions. I enjoyed hearing about when this Honorable Judge presided over naturalization proceedings. Within his naturalization he speaks of the hardships that his grandfather and parents faced to allow him to achieve the wonderful position he has now. The Honorable Judge Denny Chin seemingly uses his story of his naturalization as encouragement to those whom enter his court
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