Honorable People In S. E. Hinton's The Outsider

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Everyone does Honorable Things Do lawless people do honorable things? Yes, they do because they help in many different ways such as saving people to caring for others. The Greasers are poor teens but stick up for others in many different ways. In the book, The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, The Greasers are people in a gang who smoke and do bad things, however they’re also very helpful, in many ways such as, helping those kids get out of the church, to saving gang members from attacks. The Greasers are honorable because they stick up, help, and care for each other. To begin, one reason the Greasers are honorable because they stick up for each other. One example that they are honorable is that Johnny stood up when Darry started to be mean to Cherry …show more content…

Pony was drowning, Johnny killed the Soc that was drowning Ponyboy. Johnny said, “I killed him, I killed that boy.” (56). Johnny talked to Pony slowly, that he killed him. Pony and Johnny sat their just thinking about what happened earlier. After, Johnny and Pony ran to Dally place and told Dally what happen. Dally told to an abandoned church in Windrixville. Finally, The Greasers care for each other. Johnny and Pony ran away but Dally still helped them get out of trouble. Dally said, “Hop on the three-fifteen freight to Windrixville.” ( ). Dally told them to escape to the abandoned church because of Johnny killing Bob. Johnny said that they need to change their hair so if the cops come looking they look innocent. Johnny and Pony stayed at the church for a couple of days. On the other hand, they smoke cigarettes and are not responsible about it. Johnny and Ponyboy burned down the church because of their cigarettes. This is dishonorable because because they caused a horrible thing that wasn’t their property. However, they were honorable for helping the kids get out of the burning church. Pony and Johnny both ran into the church, to help the children. This is honorable because The Greasers ran in the church to save the

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