Honorhealth Mission Statement Analysis

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Creating Vision
Organization’s Mission and Stakeholders
The mission of HonorHealth hospitals states, ‘To improve the health and well-being of those we serve’ (HonorHealth, n.d.). The promise brand shows that HonorHealth is making healthy personal. HonorHealth has merged with several hospitals in the Phoenix area. The brand of promise will help unify mission’s common goal, and guide the deliverance on the promise every day (HonorHealth, n.d.). HonorHealth’s vision is the core of the pledge, by being a partner of choice as we transform healthcare for our communities. The organization HonorHealth is a name and a call to action for our trustworthiness and integrity of the organization’s brand (HonorHealth, n.d.). It demonstrates the respect and
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Staff members need to have a deliberate, conscious effort made by the leaders to convey this information carefully. The diverse and increasing workforce at any organization is often shown that the information they thought was communicated to the team was correctly given, but in reality, it was interpreted differently than intended (Wickford, 2016). Unfortunately, the leader is not aware of this until significant issues start to arise. Communications issues are when management sees no value whatsoever in communicating with staff, believing they should remain quiet and do what is expected of…show more content…
The plan shows that a binder was made that contained all of the workflow communication documents on every department floor. It includes a sign-off sheet to ensure each team member has reviewed the report. The workflow of communication is discussed with each huddle at the beginning of the shift to certify the understanding of the changes (HonorHealth, n.d.).
Documents are to be posted and signed off; along with a displayed poster board showing the workflow communication and changes. Managers and leaders are to create an email that contains the vital communication changes and have a confirmation return to ensure the email has been reviewed. Lastly, round with the staff and discuss face-to-face with them about the changes (HonorHealth, n.d.).
Employee Predictions to Change
Change is always difficult for employees in an organization, which can create conflict within the organization. When a change such as a merger occurs, the executive team needs to place themselves in the employee’s shoes; this will allow them to understand what reactions might occur so that the recognized risk to the organization can be decreased (Wickford,
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