Honors College Student Analysis

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Being in 1976, the University of Southern Mississippi opened its public honors college program with the goal to create a vibrant, supportive, challenging community for scholars while attending the university. The atmosphere the honor’s college is striving to create is ideal for incoming students who crave knowledge and the struggle of learning new material. For these reasons, I long to be part of the honors college community while contributing myself to the incoming freshman class. The design of the honors college creates a sought after destination for students who wants a challenge and to exceed the standards of basic classes. For the longest time, I have had to do bare minimum while attending school and still maintain a near perfect average; it is time for this to change. I want the drive brought…show more content…
Furthermore, I supply a mind eager to be molded and determined to absorb as much knowledge as possible throughout the four years in the honors curriculum. Similarly, I am excited to participate and experience campus life and be active with what the honors college community offers and forge lasting bonds with my peers whilst still remaining dedicated to my education and work. Additionally, I provide an accepting attitude towards new ideals and culture. I am a dedicated, motivated, open-minded, social-able, intelligent student who is ready to be part of something great, the University of Southern Mississippi’s honors college. Since 1976 the Honors College at the University of Southern Mississippi has been providing the bright minded students enrolled in its program with an intellectual community, leadership opportunity, and exponential learning in and outside of class. I hope to get the chance to be part of this remarkable
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