Honors Diploma Essay Sample

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The Honors Diploma recognizes students’ rigorous academic efforts and hard-earned achievements. Throughout my Melbourne Central Catholic experience, many opportunities have shaped me into a person who strives to meet goals and overachieves to reach my very best potential. I have challenged myself to strengthen my abilities so I may prosper in my future endeavors. This has resulted in long hours of homework each night, countless amounts of essays, and many late nights studying for exams and tests. Receiving an honors diploma would be illustrative of my hard work and dedication to my education, as it has served as a long-term goal since my freshman year.
After high school, I am hopeful that I will attend a university with a quality premedical undergraduate program. The University of Florida is one of my top choices, and I plan to major in Biological Sciences. By taking Advance Placement Biology, Honors Biology Lab, and Honors Anatomy and Physiology, I would expect to be well prepared for each course and its material. Furthermore, I desire to complete medical school and residency at a hospital as a surgical intern.
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By enrolling in some of the most difficult classes at my school, my work ethic and persistence has grown. I have also developed a strong desire to meet the challenges in my life, which will prepare me for the many new challenges later on. With this in mind, I feel that the MCC Honors Diploma would benefit my academic and professional future by demonstrating my capabilities to other schools, and it would also be an amazing reward for my activities and work here at
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