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I would like to be a member of the Honors Program as I feel that I am a person that exudes what should be expected of an Honors Student. I have the personal belief that any member of the Honors Program should be hardworking, dedicated, diligent, and enjoy a challenge. Sure, I can just take regular courses like other students, but I am not like any other student. I enjoy a challenge. I am hard working. I am dedicated. I think the Honors Program can offer me the challenge I enjoy to keep my mind stimulated, as well as giving me and opportunity to show that I am willing to work harder and dedicated.
I am currently enrolled as a student, completing my general education requirements, in the hopes of being accepted in to the Mortuary Science Program. I believe that the Honors Program can also help me stand out from other potential candidates applying to the program. Becoming a licensed Funeral Director or Embalmer is not a job for the faint of heart or for those that are not willing to be extremely dedicated. You must be willing to give everything you have to help others as it is an arduous career. I believe that being admitted into the Honors Programs, and graduating with the honors distinction, will show them that I am willing to give my employer what is expected of me and more. Most in my future field of work have
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I am a registered Boy Scouts of America Leader. All of the young men I mentor are of school age and have some type of educational challenges in their lives. I can show them that even with everything else going on around them, their education is important. I can show them that by putting in the extra time and effort, nothing is impossible. I can also use my education to help relate to those I mentor, those that need me the most. Most of all, I am setting the best example for my

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