Honors Scholarship Essay

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I used to dream to become a nurse or a doctor to help as many people as I could, but I had to give up my dream when my family fell into financial trouble. Dropping out of college, I struggled with the cruelty of life to make both ends meet. However, when moving to America, I found that I still have chances to pursue my dream when receiving encouragement from my husband. He wants me to go back to school before it is too late. Anyway, it is not easy to return to school after over 10 years. Fortunately, I figured out that joining in the Honors Program can make my ambition come true, as well as overcome challenges on my academic journey. First of all, learning at the age of 30s is a difficult decision and need a serious personal commitment. There are so many distractions and…show more content…
Firstly, the Honors courses relate mainly to practical knowledge of life, culture, and society; therefore, I can broaden my mind and have different perspectives towards the world. As a result, I will be more active to embrace differences, make more friends, and enjoy college life with greater fulfillment. Also, this knowledge is useful in my job as a Registered Nurse, which is required to work with diverse patients every day. Second, the Honors courses also enhance my intellectual abilities in verbal communication, critical thinking, analysis, and so on. As Albert Einstein said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” (Manuel 1999); in other words, learning does not simply receive information, but it also supports us to improve ourselves in both minds and souls. The knowledge from Honor courses can train me to remedy my shortcomings and reach my full potential, so I can feel more confident to cope with any problems in life. To the point, Honors courses help me succeed both in my academic life and in my future career
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