Hoodwinked By Cory Edwards Analysis

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Hoodwinked itself means deceive or trick. The short story, “Hoodwinked” by Cory Edwards, shows that none of the characters are exactly what they seem, and each has their own deep secrets and wily deceptions. The police officers soon uncover that seemingly innocent Red is worldly wise; that the big, bad Wolf has been terribly misunderstood; that Granny has a secret life no one could have thought of. To start with, Hoodwinked begins at the end of the tale and winds its way back. It all begins when police officers and detectives turn up at Granny’s house. It looks like it is another open-and-shut case. But looks can be deceiving. As detective Nicky Flippers, Police Chief Grizzly and fellow police officer question the suspects, they discover each one has a completely different story. Firstly, Granny Puckett is first seen tied up in her closet. Cutting back to the present day, the police arrive and enters granny's house and questions Red, Granny, Wolf W. Wolf, and the Woodsman about the events leading up to what happened.…show more content…
Granny directly says no. Red comes in and tells Flippers that Granny does not keep secrets and even if she did, she would tell her about it. Flippers keep on asking questions and before she can say it, Bill Stork calls Chief Grizzly and tells him to look at Granny's trophies that she has won. Flippers then spots three G's tattooed on the back of her neck. Granny agrees and deception takes place. She was deceiving her own granddaughter Red about who she really is and what she likes to do. She explains that she is not like other grannies. She never liked the quilting bees or Bingo parlors, and that she would rather "live life to the extreme”. This action of granny is justified because everyone have rights to live on their own terms, what granny was
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