Bridge-Philosophical Suicide In The Stranger, By Albert Camus

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Hook- Absurdism is seen as the confrontation of the individual with the natural world and society. Albert Camus thought there were three solutions to absurdism, which were physical suicide, philosophical suicide, and acceptance.
Bridge- Philosophical suicide is seen as a leap of faith, a sort of giving in. If death is looked at in those terms than a philosophical murder should be similar to its suicidal counterpart. Therefor philosophical murder should be a giving in or leap of faith at which a person gives up on another and believes that it what was meant to be.
Quick Book Summary- In The Stranger by Albert Camus, the main character Meursault experiences the loss of his mother and appears relatively unaffected, while continuing
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The fact he couldn’t be bothered visiting shows how detached he became to the situation. If they had truly used each other up then there would be no reason to see each other again. He really let go and took a sort of a leap of faith that that was what life dealt him.

3rd Body Paragraph
Impact of Maman’s Death
Quote 1: After Meursault returned from his mother’s funeral and spent his night people watching, he thought about his day. He realized…
“It occurred to me that anyway one more Sunday was over, that Maman was buried now, that I was going back to work, and that, really, nothing had changed. “ (Camus, 24)
This shows how little importance he allowed his mother to have in his life. This further accentuates that he had given up her place in his life, which plays into the elements of philosophical suicide. He acted as if her death changed nothing, as if she was insignificant. The significance he places with her position in his life is partially his fault, because that’s all he allowed her to be. He prepared himself for the loss and in a sense killed her off. By sending her away and not visiting her he left her without any connection to her old life and who she really was.

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