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1. In The Surprising Reality About Hook-Up Culture in College, Kate Dwyer explains that hooking up in college is not as often as many people believe it to be. This article is about the myth of the constant hook ups in college. A recent study conducted by Dr. Paula England examines the sexual behavior of “14,000 heterosexual students at 19 universities about their sexual behavior.” The study showed that over the course of four years, college seniors hooked up with an average of eight people. This just shows that college students are not getting “lucky” as much as I thought they did. Then, in another survey, expressed in The Hookup Elites, Lisa Wade conveys that 91% of college students agree that their lives are dominated by the hookup culture.…show more content…
England asked if before their most recent relationship, students either hooked up, dated, both, 67% answered both, and stated that the hook-up came before the date.” This demonstrates that hooking-up leads to relationship, but does correlation mean causation, the article doesn’t elaborate. Then, Kate Dwyer explains that in another Dr. England survey, 31% of men, and 21% of women have respected someone less after hooking up with them, while 22% of men and 54% of women have had the feeling that someone respected them less after hooking up. The article then freaks the fuck out about slut shaming, but who really gives a fuck. “According to New York Magazine’s Sex on Campus survey, 71% of students claimed that a date was any one-on-one encounter with romantic potential.” I feel like this is a reasonable response to what a date is, especially in this society. Since a big part of deciding on the next date is looks. So, if you are romantically interested in them, then you are more likely to go out again. “90% of students saying that women have more deciding power with 90% of students saying that women can and should as men on dates.” I do not have a problem with a girl asking me out. It makes it a lot easier on you, because it’s a lot less stressful, as I have been asked out by a girl

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