Hoop Dreams And The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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In this essay I will be talking about how educated Wes Moore and Arthur Agee have in common with their families. In Hoop Dreams and The Other Wes Moore these two kids went thru a lot in life that brought them down but there was always something that kept them going to accomplishing their dreams. Arthur Agee grew up poor and was tough for him and his family. Beginning of his life he grew up watching his dad beat his mom and taking drugs, one of the toughest thing for a child to witness at a young age. Arthur 's dad leaving was a big change in his early life leaving his mother to raise him and siblings. He knew it was unfair for his mother and he knew that money was a problem so now he took the time to think that maybe it 's time to start…show more content…
In The Other Wes Moore I have the educated Wes Moore that kind 've have some family related issues just like Arthur Agee. Wes grew up living knowing his father passes away right in front of him from a heart attack. A thing that will be with him for ever. Wes grew up with his two sisters and his mother in baltimore but after the accident took place they decided to move in with his grandparents down in new york. As he lived in New york he grew up not liking school he was also transferred to a private school to at least give him a chance to graduate and not drop out. But it turned around until his mother and his grandparent 's decided to pay for a Military school to have called forge valley. As you can see Wes’s mother and grandparents would do anything for him, no matter what the price was they didn 't hesitate to say no with the money issue because they knew that this kid will be successful in life. Wes hated it, but he knew that if he wanted a better future he knew that this is this the only way possible and that 's what he did he grinded out the whole four years at forge valley and later on went on to graduate. I found out from the two of these kids went on to start life in one of the hardest positions anyone can be and at a young age they went on to accomplishing their goals on become successful

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