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John Paul Pacho Language Arts 7th August 3, 2017 Literature Book Talk Title: Hoops Author: Walter Dean Myers Type: Fiction Predict: When I first saw the book I thought it was about N.B.A players and how they shoot. Vocabulary: Lonnie (Character), Cal (Character), Park (Setting), Playground (Setting), Nobody young for the coach (Plot), Got to consult my bird (Plot). Character A: Cal. Always Discourage (73) “He ain 't never going to change.” Leader (43) “ I am your coach for the tournament.” Always explains (43) Cal Explain . . . Country.” Never gives up (45) “ It does not matter if we lose or win as long as we try.” Character B: Lonnie. Gets confused (1) “ What does, piling up mean?” Dreamer (1) “one day you are going to start dreaming.” Unstable life (2) “ My life is unstable sometimes.” Serious (41) “ It 's just me and him at the gym playing ball.”…show more content…
Like on (155) they were playing two games without a coach. Then they started talking “We are going to beat the team easily.” The cause is that Lonnie has an unstable family and life. The effect is that he needs to play basketball to help his family out. Plot-Conflict: The conflict is that Lonnie He also faces a very difficult life in poverty. The conflict is man vs. himself. On (42) he said, “It 's tough to play ball on the streets when your past 18.” Then Cal and Lonnie were talking about the Lonnie 's shooting. After he got better. This is the struggle because Lonnie was good but not good enough so Cal had to train him. Chapter-Main Idea Chapter 1: Introduction to how poor his

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