Hoops Dreams Movie Analysis

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Hoops Dreams : Story of two students who became basketball players. The documentary begins character development of William Gates and Arthur who lives in a poorly neighborhood and it’s called the hood or ghetto because there are many drug dealers and gangsters in Chicago.The camera shots took place where they began to film the two freshman African American students who always wanted to become a basketball player and play for the NBA.There are sound effects in every scene like if it’s a sad scene going on then there’ll be sad music to it. Arthur and William are similar by their dad leaving them when they are young.Arthur’s father is a drug-addict person then he abused his wife. Bo always wanted his son to become a professional basketball player and follow his dreams.He wanted…show more content…
The main purpose of this document is to show that you want to do what you love to make a good living like earning good amount of money to support your family by becoming a professional basketball player. There were many emotional into the scenes because it’s very sad or depressing how the two students who gave their life into basketball and training hard which made them stress and face many good basketball players.Arthur’s dad came back from jail and he went to his family and became a member of the Church and repent his sins from drug dealing. William lost the basketball season so he got a job at senior year and study more but then he saw Arthur doing good and winning many games to enter the state basketball league finals. His family was happy for Arthur but William remembers his losses and he always cry to his mother and hugged his brother who wanted to become a basketball player as well but didn’t make it too far. You can say that there are many sad scenes into the basketball games but the ending became good when they both graduated university and became more better than basketball players but you should know that
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