Hoot Roy Character Analysis

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"Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way”-John Muir. Evidence from Hoot, Temple, and research shows that people can improve their lives through interacting and observing animals, because animals comfort autistic children, help you make new friends, and help you go out of your comfort zone. In the novel Hoot Roy's life improves because of the owls. Temple Grandin has an amazing story, if it weren't for animals she wouldn't be able to do what she can today. Dogs help autistic children feel safe. Animals help people in many ways.
In the novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, the character Roy’s life has changed because of the owls. One way Roy’s life has changed is because he is more outgoing. In chapter 18 on page 245 shows one way that Roy is more outgoing, “ Now the other students stopped talking among themselves and paid attention. They’d never heard the new kid say so much.” This shows that this is the first time that Roy has talked in class. He cares so much about the owls that he goes out of his comfort zone to raise a cause about the owls. Another way Roy has become more outgoing is on page 185, “ Roy hadn’t thought of that detail when he was cooking up
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One way that shows this is that dogs help autistic children fall asleep because they have something to comfort them (4pawsforability.org). Autistic children have a hard time falling asleep without something there. The dogs help the child and the parents, it helps the parents because they will not have their child crying and complaining that they cannot sleep, and it helps the child easily fall asleep. Another way, “The autism assistance dog is more for emotional support. By simply being there, a solid sound and reassuring companion can help ease sensory overload” (project chance). Autistic children struggle with sensory overload, so the dogs are there to help relax
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