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This is a study of interviewing Hooter employees to understand how they feel about consumer habits and self imaging inside the work place of Hooters, the restaurant and out. Through interviews it gives the interviewer a better chance to get to know the interviewees (DiCicco-Bloom & Crabtree, 2006). It gives a better understanding in what it takes to become a Hooter employee. Interviews were used to pertain information due to the fact that it’s more personable, as well as efficient in understanding the employee. It is the most familiar way with collecting data. Through these in depth interviews it’ll give a better grasp which will seek individual experiences and learn about their perspectives on the issues given to them.
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Sometimes, because of social media women are portrayed as a sex symbol, as they fall under the idea that internalized oppression, power dynamics, and traditional gender socialization. Through these series of questions, it concerns the sexual objectification of women (Szymanski and Carr, 2011). The questions consist of “Do you believe that social media and working at Hooters has an effect on the way you perceive your body image as well as consumer behavior? Why? Do you consider having bigger assets (breast/ ass) beautiful? and How do you think Instagram can alter one’s image of…show more content…
Then the interviews were typed which line by line coding was added. Once all the data was collected a method was chosen , which then followed the focus of different themes. The reason for this study is to understand the thoughts and how Hooter girls are effect by consumer behavior and body identification through social media. Each of these girls will be listed under Hooter Girl 1 (HG1), Hooter Girl 2 (HG2), Hooter Girl 3 (HG3), etc.
Personal Perception
Based on these interviews that were thoroughly coded through. The first one spoke a lot about Body Image. Her out put of the interview is that she cares a lot about how she looks due to the fact that she works at Hooters. Many expressed how content they looked, yet still wanted to get a breast augmentation not only for work, but to fulfill their own inner peace.
“Only for the breasts and butt, but solely because it would benefit my current job at Hooters, and I can use the surgeries as a tax write-off, and then eventually get a reduction if I truly want it.” (HG1)
“NO” (HG2)
Although this wasn’t the case for each girl. HG3 had a different view on getting breast
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