Hoover's Failures Of The Great Depression

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Once Hoover entered into office, he wanted to reform the nation's regulatory system. He also believed that the Federal Government should be hands on in the economy. The major issues which were looming in the US around the time of Herbert Hoover’s presidency was the Great Depression. Hoover never really had any opponents that were in his way because his reputation was so great and his appeal to southern white voters even succeeded in cracking the “Solid South” by winning multiple states in the election. Ten days after attending game five of the 1929 World Series, Black Thursday occured on October 24. On that day, 12.9 million shares were traded in the chaos. Next came one of the worst economic crisis of USA history. The first major industry…show more content…
I think Hoover was a failed President of the US because he only made situations worse. I think Hoover had the most potential to become a great President of the US because he was involved with so many jobs around the President. From being trusted by Woodrow Wilson's to being Secretary of Commerce for Harding, Hoover was always involved with the government. Unfortunately, the Great Depression occured and he could not overcome the crisis. Hoover’s first victory was making it to become President of the USA. When you go back to when Hoover was ten years old, his father was dead and his mother was unable to take care of him, and he was sent off to live with his cruel Uncle. After attending college he had to fight for a job to be an english miner. He was always a problem solver and did whatever it took to get the job done. Another victory Hoover had as President was that he really did try to get the country out of the Great Depression. Hoover wanted the federal government to be involved with trying to solve the Great Depression. Although the result of the Great Depression did not go in favor of Hoover, he did try to improve the situation by making changes which ultimately made the situation even worse. One defeat Hoover had as President was the signing of the smoot-hawley tariff. Hoover signed the tariff so he could get more money from other countries. But by signing it, other countries turned their backs to America because the cost to import materials into the US increased. By this cause, the citizens of the US thought that Hoover did not care for the wellbeing of the citizens. Although it might seem this way, Hoover was actually a humanitarian so he believed in all life forms in being equal. Another defeat Hoover had as President was that he was not cut out for the job. Being the President can make you less free because you are always
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