Hoover's Response To The Great Depression

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In 1929, the economy failed, unemployment rates soared, and almost every urban and rural family alike faced hardships. The Great Depression was in full effect and poverty gripped America. This economic depression lasted for about 12 years and grew to a horrific global problem. The depression was caused by the stock market crash of 1929, uneven prosperity, high supply and low demand, tight and loose monetary policies as well as the reduction of foreign trade. As the financial calamity continued to worsen, Herbert Hoover, 31st president; in office 1928-32, worked to meet the difficulties facing the American people and their economy. Hoover relied on volunteerism as a way for Americans to voluntarily unite and fight the depression. He also adopted…show more content…
The New Deal provided millions of jobs to unemployed American citizens. Federal programs were set up by the government to encourage employment and economic activity by constructing roads, building bridges, reforestation, and many other projects. The Works Progress Administration alone provided eight million jobs (WPA). Other New Deal programs that were used to reduce unemployment are the Public Works Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps, which worked to create jobs and spur a positive economic cycle based on construction (PWA and CCC). The Federal Emergency Relief Act and Civil Works Administration provided federal jobs for the unemployed (FERA and CWA). Also, training was provided for unemployed youth and students in need of help through the National Youth Administration (NYA). Relief was also provided by the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established a minimum wage of .40¢ and maximum 40 hour work week (Fair Labor Standards Act). Despite the abundance of opportunities for the unemployed, the unemployment rate was still off the charts. In the year of the stock market crash, 1929, the unemployment rate was 3.2% and in 1933, FDR’s first year in office, it soared to 25.2%. Over the course of just four years, a quarter of Americans were jobless and the New Deal wasn’t changing that. By 1938, the rate had only decreased by 6% now at…show more content…
Roosevelt changed America with the New Deal. Yes, it failed its utmost purpose of being created but it did refine economic security and stability. The New Deal made numerous jobs and if it wasn’t for America being the employer of citizens, millions of people would have been unable to provide from themselves and their families. Unemployment rates moderately decreased but profuse numbers of individuals were still jobless. When, the New Deal helped workers, it excessively favored white males. Women, African Americans, and Native Americans still received some benefits but nothing compared to their peers. Governmental growth during this period, assisted in problems facing the nation, however brought about question in reference to American people and their freedoms. Roosevelt forever altered the relationship between the United States Government and its people. The New Deal had a large impact and it still does. However, it was no match for the strength of the Great Depression, thus proving mildly
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