Hoover's Role In The Great Depression

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“Few Americans knew about the Hoover’s extensive charitable efforts during the Depression because they insisted on making them a private affair. And while Bert and Lou scored an “A” in the individual-good-works department, they flunked the official course altogether, failing to come up with a style of leadership or legislative agenda that was equal to the enormous task before them. The result was sad and predictable: America got sick to death of the Hoovers. In 1932 they lost the White House to a couple of radicals named Roosevelt whose ambitious ideas, so Bert and Lou believed, would ruin the country. Events would prove them wrong.” (193) Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou Henry were the Roosevelt’s predecessors and for the most part, not a…show more content…
As the quote above states, both Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt were inducted into the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. This particular sorority is for mostly African American college graduates of all ages. Eleanor’s induction into this primarily black organization demonstrates the respect and renown held for her in the black community and everywhere else. Additionally, they were passionate in causes separate from their husbands. Michelle has campaigned for healthy eating, especially for improvements in public school lunches. Eleanor was more involved in the issues at hand in her time, such as fighting racism and sexism. Even though Michelle’s cause sounds a tad more trivial, they both combatted the important issues of their time; childhood obesity is an epidemic in our country today, and civil rights were essential back then. Another overlap between these two first ladies is that their activism and involvement in said issues was met by criticism by many. Michelle Obama’s efforts to promote healthy eating in minors has been met with disapproval from adults and gripping students alike. Eleanor Roosevelt faced this kind of resistance as well. Although she might not be quite as popular, Michelle Obama has followed in Eleanor Roosevelt’s footsteps as a first lady who pioneers politically and socially towards
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