Hop Frog Character Analysis

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Unit Two Essay Have you ever faced conflict and thought about whether or not it has revealed any new traits that you’ve never seen in yourself before? Authors use that method a lot such as in the stories “Hop-Frog”, “Annabel Lee”, and The Fault In Our Stars. The text “Hop-Frog” is about a jester who was made fun of by the King and his ministers about the way he walks and they also treated him horribly. So, one day Hop-Frog gets tired of how the King treats him and starts forming an elaborate plan to kill the king and his ministers. So, Hop-Frog was in charge of picking the King and Ministers costume for a masked ball; he chose the King and his ministers to dress up as orangutans that were all chained together. But, little did the King and the Ministers know hop frog was later going to kill them by lighting them on fire. The poem “Annabel Lee” is about a man who lost his love, Annabel Lee, and is very upset about her passing. Lastly…show more content…
Augustus a character from The Fault In Our Stars is one example of a character handling a conflict healthier. Augustus had a girlfriend prior to Hazel in the novel The Fault In Our Stars that had died. Augustus coped with the conflict in a healthy way; Augustus was sad about her death, but he eventually moved on and started seeing other people. The way that Augustus handled the conflict revealed that he was a very emotionally strong person. Also, Hop-Frogs friend ,Tripetta, is another example of a character who handled her conflict healthier. The King had told Hop-Frog to take a drink of alchol which Hop-Frog does not like to do, so Tripetta stood up for Hop-Frog and told the king that he should not make Hop-Frog drink it. Tripetta standing up for Hop-Frog reveals that she cared for him. Augustus and Tripetta both handled their problems in healthy way which revealed how emotionally strong he was and how caring she
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