Hop-Frog By Edgar Allan Poe Analysis

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After reading the story “Hop-Frog” by Edgar Allen Poe a question arises. The question is, “Is Hop Frog justified?” what it’s asking is if Hop-Frogs actions due to his poor treatment are all ok in a sense. An example of his treatment was poor from the very beginning; “Hop-Frog and a young girl had been forcibly carried off from their respective homes in adjoining provinces and sent as presents to the king” (Poe). However that’s not all, from the first crack of the newfound career he now had the king had treated him like a piece of meat. The King often used Hop-Frog as his jester. He was given the job as a jester to the king due to Hop-Frogs physical appearance. He was a dwarf and a cripple. This was also part of the reason Hop-Frog was given his name from the King and his seven ministers.…show more content…
Simple because of “deformability” he was called names and laughed at. Hop-Frog dealt with the hatred for as long as his first meeting with the King and his seven ministers. What finally set him over edge was the kings treatment to Hop-Frogs friend, Trippetta. During one of the Kings jokes of trying to get him drunk, Trippetta began begging to the King to stop because he was hurting his friend. In response to Trippettas begging the king “without pattering a syllable, he pushed her violently from him and threw the contents of the brimming goblet in her face” (Poe). Hop-Frog seemed to finally have enough of the King’s repulsiveness. From there he hatched a plan to make the all eight of the men to pay for their mistakes. He did so by making them dress up as ourang-outangs all wrapped up in a chain
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