The Fault In Our Stars 'And The Tell Tale Heart'

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Imagine if you were facing social issues as a 16 year old with cancer. How would you react to knowing you won't be able to play any sports, or do activities most people do without thinking twice about how grateful they are? What would that say about your character? The Fault in our Stars is a story about a teenage girl with cancer who struggles to fit in with society, but then she discovers the love of her life, Augustus Waters. “Hop Frog” is a story about a dwarf jester, who was taken from his home, and mistreated the king and his cabinet. When he one day gets his revenge on them. “The Tell Tale Heart” is about a man that has a problem with another old man because of the “old man's” vulture eye. He later kills the old man by suffocating him…show more content…
Most importantly, Hazel dealt with her social issues by going to support groups and making friends. Hazel was an outcast because she couldn’t play sports or do anything that other kids do because of her cancer. Hazel went out and met Gus at the support group, who later became her boyfriend. By her doing that readers can tell that she is smart and friendly. This was a very positive way of solving her conflict because Hazel was no longer lonely and she had a boyfriend that she loved. This is a very positive way of handling her conflict because Hazel isn’t a social outcast anymore and she has friends. Also, the narrator in “The Tell Tale Heart” dealt with his conflict well at the end. Even though the narrator was insane and murdered the old man, he made up for it at the end of the story when he confessed to the police. This is a positive way of handling conflict because he did the right thing even though he killed the old man. In that way the narrator dealt with his insanity problem by confessing at the end. Readers can see that the narrator was still a little bit sane. Lastly, in a way Hop Frog dealt with his conflict in a positively. Hop Frog was abused his whole life and he found a way to stand up and resolve his conflict. Hop-Frog was able to solve his conflict in a positive way by killing the the king (who was mistreating him) and…show more content…
First, The narrator in “The Tell Tale Heart” killed the old man for very few reasons and obligations. This is a very negative way of handling a conflict. This action is negative because the old man did nothing to him, it even says in the story that the old man didn’t harm or do anything to the narrator. The narrator just said that it was because he had a vulture eye that he couldn’t stand to look at. The narrator killed the old man and by his actions readers can see that he is a very evil person. He could have just not looked at him since his eye was the source of the problem. In addition, the way Hop Frog solved his conflict with the king was negative. Even though Hop-Frog solved and overcame his problems it was in a partially negative way. By his actions readers can conclude that Hop-Frog is a very evil and revengeful person. Hop-Frog went so many years without doing anything, so by him waiting to do something was negative To conclude, the Prince in “The Masque of the Red Death” dealt with his conflict negatively. As soon as Prince Prospero knew about the disease he immediately tried to build a wall to keep it out, because he didn’t want to face it himself. The Prince just wanted to shut it out. This is very negative because it didn’t solve any problems, it just postponed them. Readers can see that Prince Prospero is a scared and selfish man,

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