Hop Frog Literary Analysis

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Story #1: Hop-Frog by Edgar Allan Poe, in a medieval castle in Europe The short story “Hop-Frog” is about a king and his 7 advisors, who enjoy practical jokes. He has 2 dwarves, a male named Hop-Frog and a female named Trippetta. As the king calls Hop-Frog over to get advice for his party, he laughs at him and forces him to drink wine. However, Hop-Frog does not like wine because it makes him drunk easily, which allows everyone to laugh at him even more. When Hop-Frog refuses to drink another glass, the king gets frustrated. At this point, Trippetta falls to the king’s knees and begs him to leave Hop-Frog alone. In anger, the king throws the wine in her face. The insult to Trippetta gets Hop-Frog extremely angry. He decides that the…show more content…
He has a very gothic and dark style of writing and has written a lot of horror stories. For this short story, he used many literary devices such as powerful characters (Hop-Frog), themes, and irony to create a tale of tyranny. He chose the setting as a kingdom in Europe during the time court fools were still very popular (the 1850s). The story is told in first person perspective by an unknown character who was present during the event. The tone of the story is aggressive, insulting and angry because it’s about a king who embarrasses his fools who end up getting him back for that. The reader starts to understand Hop-Frog’s pain after all his embarrassment and start to develop anger since he wouldn’t do anything to stop the king. It happens during the mid-1800s and the mood is frustrating and haunting. The mood is very and scary dark because the story happens in a medieval castle and it mostly focuses on a king and him punishing his jokesters. As they get revenge on the king and kill him, the mood starts becoming very eerie and frightens the readers. He uses a much harsher and cruel way of presenting revenge and the way the dwarves were treated, frustrates the
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