Hop Frog's Revenge In Trippeta

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There is an important social issue discussed in the story that is the fact of the social hierarchy, where the king is on top of it and the jester is submitted to the king’s power. In addition, this perk that gets the king for his position, permits him to make whatever he wants with his plebeians. Actually, this story is based on the revenge that Hop Frog takes over the king and his ministres for making exactly that, abusing of his power and mistreating Trippeta (the love of his life). I must say that this point completely depends on which site you place. For instance, if you take the king’s position, your greatest challenges were to lead the country; jointly with his ministers. Nonetheless, the way these characters are described, it does not seem to me that they give much thought to improve the economic system or to make any improvements in the country. Moreover, they passed the time keeping amused and entertained.…show more content…
He is forced to amuse the king and his ministers and to make those cruel actions they compel him to make. For example, that time they obligate him to drink wine just to watch him get drunk due to he has no tolerance to alcohol. From where I stand, he has to take so much with all the insults of his phisical inability and the zero tolerance to alcohol. Even though, I do not believe the revenge, as the one he has planned, is the best issue to do in these cases. From my point of view, it seems that obviously the jeker (Hop Frog) has a great feeling of inferiority and difusion about himself for the continues insults and negative feedbacks. That in consequence, it evolves to revenge and rage towards the king and his ministers. The reason why this has happened is that he gets truly obsessed with the horrible actions they made on Trippeta and focused on a way to “return the

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