Hop Hop Hop Jump Book Report

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Thompson, L., & Krosoczka, J. (2012). Hop, hop, jump! New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books. The title of this book is Hop, Hop, Jump! This book is a great decodable or easy to read book. The book consists of a toddler on each page, with very minimal rhyming of the text, and labels on the body part that is moving. The book illustrations are colorful. This is a great book for children who are in pre-school or kindergarten. This children’s book is all about moving your body parts and showing your students that you can have fun while you are learning. Each page is illustrated and constructed to display a new way to move their body. I would use this book in a classroom, specifically when teaching students about fitness—importance of being active. I love the variety of different movements in the book and the…show more content…
Chalk is a wordless picture book about three children who go to a park on a rainy day. In the park, the three children find some chalk, and they decide to draw pictures on the ground, eventually the pictures come to life. I love how the drawings allow children to infer what they think is going to happen in the story, and that children who have trouble reading or cannot read can still enjoy the book. The drawings eventually wash away when the clever little boy draws a rain cloud inside the playground. The children leave behind their bag of chalk, sure to be found and imagined with by another group of kids. The level of skill needed to read Chalk is to be able to comprehend what is going in each of the pictures in the book. This book promotes children creativity and imaginary through drawing pictures. Wordless picture books can build a child narrative skills. The phonemic element I would reinforce with this wordless book is rhyming: “Rhyming –matching the ending sounds of words, called rimes, like hat, cat, bat rat” (Vacca et al., 2015, p .132). Some examples of rhyming from the book are: wiggle it, waggle it and shrug it, hug
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